$500 Bright Idea Puzzle Scholarship Deadline Approaching

By June 24, 2023Blog
There are still a couple weeks remaining for an eligible 7th to 12th grader to enter the $500 Bright Ideas Scholarship. Deadline to enter is July 10, 2023.   Click here for more information. 

What is the “Bright Idea Puzzle Contest”?

Mpower Bright Idea Puzzle Contest is a scholarship contest open to students in grades 7-12 in eligible counties. Students are invited to design their own escape room puzzle for the chance to win a $500 scholarship and potentially be featured in a future MPOWER escape room. Students do not need to build the puzzle, a concept idea works fine.

Why is MPOWER doing this contest?

Escape room designs embody all elements of STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). This contest further supports the development of these skills for students in 7-12th grades. It offers students an opportunity to display their own creativity and win a prize while doing it!