The Cabin
( In-Person & Remote)

Your friend and journalist went to investigate a number of supernatural sightings. You have not heard from him in days. Tracking his last known whereabouts, you find yourself near a cabin deep in the Bayou. You and your team will need to search for clues and crack the codes in order to solve the mystery.

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The Secret Experiment ( In Person)

Something has gone terribly wrong with scientist, Dr. Michelle Hahn's latest work. It could threaten humanity as we know it. Dr. Hahn has gone missing and others want to steal her work. Can you solve what has happened and save us all?

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Detective Dan Case#041
(Remote Only)

Items have started to go missing for the tenants of this New York apartment building. Detective Dan and your team of detectives have been called in to investigate the crime. Can you help Detective Dan solve this case before another item goes missing?

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Next Room To Be Announced Soon

Ready to Escape?

MPOWER yourself and put your skills and brain power to the test in our real life puzzle room adventure.

MPOWER is excited to be Morgan Hill’s first Escape Room company.

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